During your Tour in Peru


All our crew want to make sure you have the best experience possible from the moment you arrive in the country until when you step back on the plane again, so if you have any questions before, during or after your tour we are always happy to help.


Pre/post tour

We are happy to book all your pre and post accommodation and activities as well as answering any questions you might have during the process, simply contact us at info@cycleperu.com . If you want to do this direct, no worries, but we do suggest you have a chat to us first so we can give you some recommendations of reputable local companies.



Is 220 V; Plugs A, B, & C. You will need an adaptor to use appliances from most other countries.



Please check with your airline for allowances, however we would appreciate it if you could limit luggage to one large and one small piece per person. Please note that as we start and finish in different cities on most tours it is not possible to store luggage while on tour. As part of your booking information you will be given a complete gear list of suggested items to pack. This is just a guideline, most seasoned travellers will have their own favourites, however we will suggest things that are useful for Peru in particular and for the weather you may encounter on our trips.



Internet is fairly widely available in Peru, some but not all hotels will have computers on site. Internet cafes charge 1-5 soles an hour. Isolated areas we go, such as the Lake Titicaca Islands will not have internet. Public phones are readily available in most places and most hotels will have in room phones. We recommend buying a phone card such as “Hola Peru” for the best rates.



Laundries or “Lavanderia” are common in the cities and most will offer a 1 to 24 hour service, they charge by the kilo, ranging from 3-10 soles a kilo depending on the time frame given. These are a drop off service as opposed to a do it yourself Laundromat. Most hotels do not have a laundry room but offer a per piece service, which is convenient but not very economical.



On our trips large containers of spring water are provided in the van from where you can refill your personal bottles, we have sports bottles avaliable for purchase if you do not have your own. Please feel free to fill this as you wish, otherwise you can purchase bottled water along the way, however if you can use the water in the van when possible it will help us to reduce the number of plastic bottles used in Peru, as they have little facilities for recycling. You cannot drink the water from any taps anywhere in Peru.

Individual bottled water you may wish to purchase is not included in your trip price.


First Aid

A comprehensive kit will be taken on all trips, due to the isolated nature of the areas we travel. It is recommended you also bring a small personal kit and a good supply of any personal medications.


Cycle Safety  

Cyclist safety is very important to us and we will be sending out more detailed information to those booked on our cycle adventures.  We would love to see all our cyclists out there looking bright and visible, so please consider this when choosing what to bring.



You will be traveling with us during Peru’s winter season, which is actually very mild. Summer in Peru is their rainy season and during winter it is usually quite dry, however that is not to say that there cannot be unseasonable climate changes.

The days are generally warm and sunny, averaging around 15 degrees C (60 degrees F) in higher areas, and warmer temperatures up to 25-30 degrees C when we travel into semi- jungle areas. The mornings and nights are cooler, with averages of 0-5 degrees C (41 degrees F) at higher altitudes.  

The sun, in areas of high altitude is very strong so sunscreen should be worn and reapplied whenever you are out and about. The temperature drops very quickly once the sun goes down, especially at high altitudes so always carry a warm layer when out for the day.

You will receive a gear list on bookin that is designed to allow for all possible changes in weather during our trips, so if you are unsure of what clothing you need please read this carefully.