Arriving in Peru


The main airport is “International Jorge Chavez” in Lima. Once there you have to fill out some forms before passing through Customs service and Immigration. 

There are no taxes entering the country and your terminal use tax (TUVA) is included in your ticket.

Normally you will have an entry permit from 30 days up to 90 days.

Once leaving the airport we can arrange a shuttle to make the transfers for you, but if you decide to take a taxi you need to arrange one inside the airport (ask to see official ID and prices are posted in the airport, make sure you get the price BEFORE getting in the taxi). It is a little more expensive than outside, but is safer than taking one on the street.


Other helpful info


Peru does not have many public bathrooms around their cities. Bathrooms in restaurants and shops may only be used by customers. Public services will change between .50c and 1 sol per use.

 Most toilets do not have a supply of paper or soap, so it is important to carry paper and hand wipes with you. The sewerage system in Peru cannot support anything being flushed, including toilet paper, so a bin is provided beside the toilet for this purpose. 

Rubbish bins are rarely provided even in the cities in Peru, so this may mean you need to carry your trash with you. In the countryside, you definitely have to carry in, carry out. You may see locals throwing their trash to the ground, but please do not make this problem worse by copying them, we should know better and set an example for others.

The sun, in areas of high altitude is very strong so sunscreen should be worn and reapplied whenever you are out and about.