Payment Options


Paying your deposit:


Below is a buy now icon that will direct you to the Pay Pal secure website where you can pay your deposit, in US dollars, with your credit card.


In the empty text field above the buy now icon, please enter the name of the trip you are paying the deposit for e.g. Canyons, Condors & Machu Picchu.


Please note there is a $5 US processing fee per deposit to pay with Credit Card. 


Feel free to contact us at: or on (0064) 211551935 to discuss other payment options.

Trip Deposit Payment


Paying the balance of your trip:


You will be sent an invoice 60 days before departure, this amount can be paid directly into our USD account, or alternatively in our NZD* account, the details of the USD account will be on the bottom of your invoice, or you can contact us for our alternative currency account details and the payment amount in this currency. 


If you require payment via credit card, select the appropriate trip on the scroll down menu and use the buy now icon to direct you to the secure Pay Pal website where you can pay direct, in US dollars. Please note this service incurs a 2% processing fee.  


Or contact us at or on (0064) 211551935 to discuss other payment options.


*Please note all payments are quoted first in USD, our primary currency, payments in alternative currencies attract a 2.5% conversion fee.